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Burton, Braswell, Middlebrooks Laboratory
Large-scale Laboratory for Structures & Infrastructure

The large-scale structures laboratory at UCF was completed in 2001 in Engineering Building II. It is designed for testing research-related large-scale structural components and systems, infrastructure systems, materials, and performing teaching labs for undergraduate classes.


  • 1600 square feet testing area, 2400 square feet total area.
  • 50 ft by 25 ft strong floor in a high-bay area.
  • Steel reaction frame.
  • Reconfigurable reinforced concrete reactor blocks
  • 20-ton overhead crane.
  • 3 ft by 3 ft tie-down pattern in the strong floor.
  • 100 kips tie-down capacity per point.


The laboratory has several hydraulic systems for actuation as well as numerous other pieces of equipment for small-scale tests, data acquisition, and sensing.

  • Two 110-kip, +/- 10 in. MTS servo-controlled hydraulic actuators
  • Four 100-ton hydraulic jacks
  • 200-kip Instron/Satec Universal Loading Machine
  • Multi-channel NI-SCXI data acquisition systems
  • High shear mixer
  • Various transducers and sensors
  • Different types of PZT and capacitive, wired, and wireless accelerometers
  • Different types of resistive and vibrating wire, high speed, and slow speed strain gages
  • Tiltmeters
  • Displacement transducers
  • A number of other sensors, including sound, pressure, current, and audio/visual, and weather