The Project

We are a team of researchers setting up low-cost air quality sensors in downtown Orlando for a National Science Foundation funded project. We are designing a cybersecure air quality sensor to monitor particulate matter and carbon dioxide. For this project, we are installing approximately 100 sensors in selected downtown Orlando neighborhoods. We are working together with the City of Orlando and the Orange County Environmental Protection Division on this project.

In addition to providing a denser network of air quality information, we will provide virtual training on air quality data and interpretation, sensor technologies, and data-driven citizen advocacy. We are interested in evaluating how increased information and training impacts trust in government. This information is beneficial to future studies that involve citizen scientists, especially as lower-cost environmental monitoring devices are increasingly used in local governance decisions.

We will continue to post new information and documents on this project to this website. For now, please check out our video series explaining the project and how to get involved, or send us a note at for more information.

Close up picture of the sensor with solar panel.

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